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The Stars & Stripes Best of Pacific 2020 recognizes the businesses, Organizations and destinations that have made our readers feel at home in the Pacific. You dished on the good, the great and the best. We feel privileged to share this information with our readers.


Thank you for another great year on the books! Despite COVID-19 getting in the way, you matched last year’s record-setting amount of votes to pick the best of the best to represent the Pacific. If you’re new to the theater, you may have been overwhelmed with all the new sights, sounds and experiences. While travel and daily activities have been affected and a new norm is setting in, relying on our neighbors and those who arrived before us for information is as valid now as it has ever been. Lucky for you, you’ll find a lot of your fellow community members’ recommendations in this new website. If you’re looking for a reputable car dealer, the best place to shop on or off base, or even the best place to grab a bite, you’ve come to the right place.

For the past 16 years, Stars and Stripes has been tallying up the votes of the military community and sharing the valuable information for the sole purpose of making your transition here easier.

This year is an especially important year for Stars and Stripes as we mark 75 years in the theater. For 75 years, our team has been bringing members of the military community just like you the important news and vital information necessary to continue the mission. Join us on 75.stripes.com as we reflect on our history and our commitment to serve our troops and their families.

This commitment flows into everything we do and the publications we bring you. This site is yours and here you will see the words of your fellow colleagues and neighbors echoed throughout. This is a compilation of word-of-mouth and votes. In here, not only will you find out who the Best of Pacific is for each of the categories, but you will also find out why they won.

We are each other’s greatest resource, and this is a great way to know where to tune in for some good radio or where to go for a great meal (Dragon Hill and Osan O’club are where you want to go for Sunday brunch in Korea). Or, if you’re on the market for a cellphone provider, word on the street (or on this site) is au if you’re on Okinawa. Heather Tobler from Kadena AB says au has the “best signal strength and coverage area."

Best of all, this insider info, the magazine and this website are FREE! Best of the Pacific is always free, just like all the community content from Stars and Stripes. From our community newspapers in the blue boxes on base - Stripes Japan, Stripes Okinawa, Stripes Guam, Stripes Korea - to our four websites, Japan.stripes.com, Okinawa.stripes.com, Korea.stripes.com, Guam.Stripes.com, we have you covered.

And, since we couldn’t do this without you and those thousands of votes cast online, we thank you! As a token of our appreciation, each person who voted was entered into a raffle to win one of three gift cards of up to $300. Congratulations to the lucky three who took home the prizes. Laura Kelley from Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan ($300), TSgt. Christopher Sims from Osan AB, Korea ($200), and Dawn Benbow from Camp Butler, Okinawa ($100) probably spent a combined 15 minutes to vote and now they’re a little richer for the experience. We really enjoyed hearing from you, and we want everyone to know that the feedback doesn’t need to stop with the BOP voting. So, let us know what you think! Our community websites are up 24/7 and you can reach us on Facebook at StripesPacific. Send us a message, and please don’t forget to follow us on Twitter- @StripesPacific!

Denisse Rauda
Best of the Pacific Editor