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You are still the Best of the Pacific!

For the past 19 years, members of the military community have been giving us their recommendations for the Pacific’s best of the best.

Every year, we tally the votes and gather the honest opinions from your neighbors, coworkers and community members that go into your Best of the Pacific magazine. This guide will help you find the best places to shop, best restaurants on and off base, reputable car dealers and more. This valuable information will help make your transition to Guam, mainland Japan, Okinawa and South Korea easier.

Inside you’ll not only find out who the Best of the Pacific is for each category, but also why people voted for them. For even easier access to the winners, head online to bestofpacific.stripes.com and bookmark the page.

We are each other’s greatest resource, and this is a great way to know where to tune in for some good radio or where to go for a fun Sunday brunch like The New Sanno in Tokyo or Le Pain Cafe Bakery in Korea. Looking for cell service on Okinawa? Steven Burroughs from Kadena Air Base recommends au because, “They have real good prices and their staff is always helpful.”

Just like the community content from Stars and Stripes, all of this insider info and magazine are FREE! From our community newspapers in the blue boxes on base — Stripes Japan, Stripes Okinawa, Stripes Guam, Stripes Korea, we have you covered!

We couldn’t have made this magazine without you. And because to us the Best of the Pacific is every one of you, we entered each person who voted into a raffle to win one of six gift cards of up to $300 dollars. Neil Engel and Lisa Thompson from Camp Humphreys, Jun Reed from Yokota Air Base, Jacob Pittman from NAF Atsugi, and Shirley Villacis and Andrew Decker from Yokosuka Naval Base took a few minutes to vote and now they’re a little richer for the experience. Congrats and thank you for voting!

We really enjoyed hearing from you and want everyone to know that the feedback doesn’t need to stop with casting your vote for the Best of the Pacific. You can find us in the blue boxes, online and on social media. Send us a message and please don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @StripesPacific and Instagram @starsandstripespacific