Gift Card Winners

Congratulations to this year's gift card winners!

Three lucky voters in this year's contest found it pays, in more ways than one.
to make their voices heard about what they think is best.

Jun Reed
  • Jun Reed

  • Yokota, Japan

  • My Family and I have enjoyed the cultural experience of living in Japan, especially the food. We’ll use the card mostly on school supplies and a few home essentials.

Jacob Pittman
  • Jacob Pittman

  • Atsugi, Japan

  • The best thing about Japan is the culture and the yummy fresh sushi! And this card will be used to buy things for our dogs. They are spoiled rotten. 

Neil Engel
  • Neil Engel

  • Humphreys, Korea

  • Camp Humphreys offers a lot of what Yongsan used to offer and allows for the greatest exposure to South Korea available and its immensities. We will spend the gift card on online movies for the kids as we transition into the wet season.

Lisa Thompson
  • Lisa Thompson

  • Humphreys, Korea

  • I really enjoy the culture of South Korea, from its historical sites, modern cities and the food scene. People here are nice and very sociable, always willing to assist, even with the language barrier. Food culture here is unbelievable from mandu to bibimbap to tteokbokki. From my location at Camp Humphreys, its an easy travel to Seoul, Daegu and even Busan. I will probably use the card to buy my mother a birthday gift.

Shirley Villacis
  • Shirley Villacis

  • Yokosuka, Japan

  • We’ve only been at Yokosuka for a couple months and it’s been a great experience. My family and I are in awe of Japanese culture and history. The food is amazing, but still working on my chop stick skills! While we’re in this location we plan on visiting nearby countries like Thailand, Philippines, and Australia. I will use this gift card towards buying a Nintendo Switch for my older son’s birthday present when he turns 6 years old this summer.

  • Andrew Decker

  • Yokosuka, Japan

  • The food in Japan is amazing.  I love being able to eat food from all around the world right outside the gate, along with having some of the best restaurants in the world a short train ride away.  We’ll use the card for some books for my daughter (8) on being a zoo veterinarian. She’s told us that’s what she wants to be when she grows up, and the books are a great way to encourage her while tricking her into reading and learning.